Limoncello Recipe

Our Limoncello recipe is very similar to the Traditional Orange Liqueur recipe but we don’t distill the liquid. Instead we simply filter and bottle.

Ingredients: 5-7 lemons, white sugar, 750ml 50% ABV neutral base spirit (or 1L 40% ABV vodka)

The amount of sugar to use entirely depends on your taste. We suggest starting with about 150g – but you can always sweeten later if you find this amount too sharp.


  1. Slice your lemons about 5mm thick.
  2. Place a layer of lemon slices into a large glass jar (at least 2 litre jar) and sprinkle over sugar. Continue adding layers, sprinkling more sugar over each layer of slices, until you’ve used all your lemons and sugar.
  3. Pour over spirit – either our neutral base spirit or vodka.
  4. leave to steep in a cool, dark place for around a week.
  5. Strain your limoncello and bottle. We filter ours to get it clear – but you can use a sieve or muslin cloth if you are happy with a cloudy limoncello.
  6. You should end up with around 700-900ml and it will be about 30-35% alc/vol. The alcohol content reduces because the lemon slices absorb some of the spirit. If you think that’s wasteful then there are few things you can do with what’s left over: the easiest is make lemon marmalade but you can candy the slices or dehydrate and use as decoration.