Gin Experience

Come and make some gin with an award-winning Distillery. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have made some really exciting gins!

We won’t be running public sessions again until Spring 2024. If you can’t wait that long then then get in touch via our contact page to arrange a private Gin Experience for between 6 & 16 people.

Our distillery staff will guide you through your experience. We start with a brief introduction to the gin making process then create your recipe. Our team are always on hand to provide advice on what to choose and how much.

Once the gin distillation is underway we have some time to taste the Aurora Distillery gins and talk about the history of gin and it’s current resurgence. You’ll also need to choose a name for your gin.

When the distillation is finished we will help you bottle, seal and label your gin so you can take it home!

We have around 30 different botanicals for you to choose from. These include the gin staples of juniper, coriander, angelica and citrus. We also have less common botanicals like burdock and sarsaparilla. We process all our own citrus using New Zealand fruit.