Legal Stuff

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At Aurora Distillery we have a responsibility to provide an environment where alcohol is sold responsibly. Because of this, we have implemented the following Host Responsibility Policy.

We are committed to encouraging the responsible sale and supply of alcohol.

It is against the law to serve anyone who is intoxicated.

It is against the law to serve alcohol to minors. We have implemented controls on our website to ensure this does not happen but if we ever have concerns that this may occur then we will not complete that order.

We cannot sell alcohol to an adult who intends to supply a minor unless they are their parent or legal guardian.

Alcohol will only be promoted and sold in a responsible manner.

We maintain a training policy to give our staff the skills and support they need to do their job responsibly.

We pride ourselves on being socially responsible hosts.

Our liquor licence is in the name of Aurora Distillery Limited, licence number 44/OFF/036/2023, expiry date 5th October 2026. The licence can be viewed here