Copper Alembic Home Distilling Kit


Home distilling kit including copper alembic still and everything you need to start making gin

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Our home distilling kit is based around a 1.5 litre copper alembic still. The still has a removable column so can be used for both pot or steam distillation.

Our kit has everything you need to start distilling gin. We include:

  • a handmade copper alembic still, which we import from Portugal
  • a 500W hotplate
  • USB-powered water pump
  • USB adapter
  • tubing
  • water reservoir
  • sealing tape
  • juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root
  • organic cotton bags for steam distillation
  • 750ml neutral base spirit
  • instructions and recipes
  • rye flour (for cleaning still)