Copper Alembic Home Distilling Kit


Home distilling kit including copper alembic still and everything you need to start making gin.

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Our home distilling kit is based around a 2 litre copper alembic still. Hand made in Portugal, these stills are perfect for making small batches of gin and liqueur. We do all our recipe development on a still like this.

The still has a removable column so can be used for both pot or steam distillation.  A head thermometer is an important control point for distilling and is particularly useful for marking the cut off point when making gin.

Our kit has everything you need to start distilling gin. We include:

  • a handmade copper alembic still, which we import from Portugal
  • a 500W hotplate
  • USB-powered water pump
  • USB adapter
  • tubing
  • water reservoir
  • sealing tape
  • juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root
  • organic cotton bags for steam distillation
  • 750ml neutral base spirit
  • instructions and recipes for gin and fruit liqueur
  • rye flour (for cleaning still)

If you need them, we have botanical scales available here.

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